Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Nature's Miracle: Hydrogen Infused Alkaline Water

Molecular hydrogen infused alkaline water is a health innovation that can hydrate your cells, combat harmful free radicals, support the production of your body’s antioxidants, and energize you.

The Power of Hydrogen Water

Your body is continually producing, and exposed to. free radicals that cause oxidative stress, or cell damage. It happens when harmful free radicals outnumber antioxidants.

Hydrogen can selectively reduce hydroxl radicals – the most damaging kind of free radicals. Because of its small size, molecular hydrogen can penetrate the cell mitichondria and even pass the blood barrier to target free radicals in the brain.

Unlike other antioxidants, hydrogen can tell the difference between free radicals that are needed for your body to function (like the ones your immune system uses to kill bacteria) and destructive free radicals that will react with any molecule in your body – including damaging DNA!

So What Makes It Better Than Plain Water?

We all know that water is made of one oxygen atom bonded to two hydrogen atoms, but because the hydrogen in water is already “taken,” it isn’t as available to your metabolic functions as molecular hydrogen.

Water does not usually contain molecular hydrogen! Hydrogen water is saturated with free-floating H2 molecules that can impart the benefits of molecular hydrogen.

Many antioxidants can be toxic and have harmful effects if too much is consumed because your liver must process them. The only byproduct of molecular hydrogen free radical neutralization is water!

Excess hydrogen can pass through and evaporate from your body without being harmful or wasting your body’s energy to break it down. It restores the antioxidant balance to your body, and whatever hydrogen is left over can quickly evaporate.

Understanding “Miracle Waters”

Legends of “Miracle Waters” exist all around the globe. Places like Nordenau (Germany), Lourdes (france), Tlacote (Mexico), and Nadana (India) are famed for the health benefits that people have experienced after drinking them. Research has shown that the one thing they all have in common is molecular hydrogen with saturation levels as high as 0.08 PPM (parts per million).

What is Molecular Hydrogen?

Simply put, molecular hydrogen (H2) is a molecule of two hydrogen atoms bonded together that esist as a gas. Molecular hydrogen isn’t commonly found in nature – instead, it is bonded to other atoms. Hydrogen is the simplest, tiniest, most basic element and an essential component of life.

“Molecular Hydrogen infused water goes beyond mere hydration, and it’s all-natural – there are never any chemicals, calories, or additives!”

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Although the research is early, the 1000+ scientific articles suggest that H2 has therapeutic potential in over 170 different human and animal disease models, and essentially every organ of the human body.
  • Molecular hydrogen (H2) or diatomic hydrogen is a tasteless. odorless, flammable gas.
  • H2 reduces oxidative stress and improves redox homeostasis partly mediated via the Nrf2 pathway, which regulates levels of glutathione,  superoxide dismutase, catalase, etc.
  • H2, like other gaseous-signaling molecules (e.g. NOx, CO, H2S) modulates signal transduction, protein phosphorylation, and gene expression, which provides its anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, and anti-apoptotic protective effects.

The Benefits of Drinking Hydrogen Water

  • Improve energy and mental focus
  • Keep a healthy weight
  • Enhanced complexion
  • Raise stamina
  • Aid in digestion
  • Boost athnetic performance
  • Lessen body odor
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