Alkaline Bottled Water

Perfectly Balanced Antioxodant Alkaline Water

Water stripped of its nutrients is often left highly acidic. Antioxidant alkaline water raises the pH of your body so that it can function as it was made to function. The water at Water Tree, located in , is filtered naturally with a ceramic conversion process- not through electrical ionizers.

refill and bottled alkaline water

Refill & Bottled Water

Water Refills:

  • Classic PH 8.-9.5
  • Premium PH 9.5-10.5
  • Hydrogen Water Refills (PH 9.5-10.5) Enriched with more Hydrogen.

Benefits of Hydrogen Water:

  • Hydrogen is the smallest molecule thus optimal cellular hydration, best fighter of free radicals
  • More antioxidants
  • While everyone loves all our Water, Hydrogen Water is our number one selling water, try it, feel it, come back for more!

Bottled Water

Water Refills:

  • Natural PH 7.5-8.5
  • Classic PH 8.0-9.5
  • Premium PH 9.5-10.5
  • Magnesium Water
  • Rain Water
bottled alkaline water

Gallon Water

Gallon Water:

  • 1 gallon bottle
  • Classic PH 8.0-9.5
  • Premium PH 9.5-10.5
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