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Come by Lake Norman WaterTree and you will meet Kim, Katrina or Katie and of course Willie the Water Dog.  We strive to make your visit to the Tree fun and educational. See how we make our wonderful healthy alkaline water and try a cold bottle on us.  Here is our story and our why.

My name is Kim Boyd and my husband David and I live in Mooresville. In June of 2019 I visited my mother who has cancer in Orange Texas. The water has always been bad in Orange Texas, so I reached for her bottled water.  I tasted the smoothest water I have ever had and asked; What is this magic?  She replied “its Water Tree Water, you should go visit their store” so I did just that. Her oncologist had recommended she drink alkaline water. I visited again in February 2020 and to make a long story short I was introduced to the Dream Tree Corporation and the Water Tree Opportunity. There are Water Tree Stores all over Texas but none in NC. I saw the opportunity for myself and my husband David to build a retirement business to work in. I was laid off from Covid since the beginning and spent much time planning and preparing to open this business.

I must say I am passionate about the benefits of our Water Tree water. I have seen the benefits personally in my weight, complexion and my allergies are gone. Our water uses a patented ceramic conversion process using very natural materials that puts the goodness back in your water making it alkaline and antioxidant. I feel great and am better hydrated with Water Tree Water.  We opened in April 2021 at 294 West Plaza Drive E5 Mooresville.  Follow us on Facebook for details.

Our goal is to nurture healthier lives with the highest-quality alkaline antioxidant H2O. We are working to help everyone drink exceptionally, every single day, because The Water Tree is a choice for a lifetime of health. We offer a wide variety of products to help you on your way to a more hydrated and happy body. Bring your own jug to refill every week.

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