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Turmeric-Infused Alkaline

Water in Mooresville

Turmeric-Infused Alkaline Water

in Mooresville

Turmeric Water: The Antioxidant-Rich Hydration for Mooresville Residents

Introducing Mooresville's Finest Turmeric-Infused Alkaline Water

Get the goodness that is turmeric in our premium water. Refills are 3.00 per gallon. Each gallon has 1.5 grams of NLT Curcumin concentrate, clinically proven to increase Bioavailability by 14x. Scientifically proven to support joint health, immune health and relieve inflammation.

And no, it does not taste strange!

Turmeric Water

  • 1 Gallon - $3.00

Turmeric Water Pricing $$$

Turmeric Water

Pricing $$$


1 Gallon - $3

Elevate Your Health with Mooresville's Turmeric-Infused Alkaline Water

Lake Norman locals choose our Turmeric Water for its blend of alkalinity and the wellness-boosting properties of turmeric. This specially formulated drink helps maintain optimal body pH by neutralizing excess acidity caused by environmental factors and diet.

The higher pH level, combined with the benefits of turmeric such as curcumin, contributes to better health by enhancing cellular protection, improving circulation, detoxifying cells, combating oxidative stress, and maintaining a healthy acid-alkaline balance. Our Turmeric Water is not just a drink; it's a choice for a balanced, health-oriented lifestyle.

Choose Us For:

  • Infused with Curcumin: Tap into the powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits of curcumin found in turmeric.

  • pH Balanced Hydration: Specially formulated to neutralize acidity and promote a balanced internal pH.

  • Mineral-Rich Nourishment: Enhanced with essential minerals to support your body’s natural health.

  • Cellular Protection: Crafted to help protect and rejuvenate cells from the inside out.

  • Circulatory Support: Aids in improving blood flow and flushing out cellular waste.

  • Oxidative Stress Reduction: Combats free radicals to reduce oxidative stress and support aging wellness.

  • Acid-Alkaline Harmony: Maintains a stable acid-alkaline balance, crucial for overall well-being.

FAQ's About Turmeric Water

FAQ's About

Turmeric Water

What makes Turmeric Water beneficial for health?

Turmeric water is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to the active compound curcumin found in turmeric.

How do you infuse turmeric into your water?

Our process involves dissolving turmeric extract in our alkaline water, ensuring it retains its healthful properties without affecting the taste.

Can I get Turmeric Water delivered in the Lake Norman area?

Yes, we offer delivery services for our Turmeric Water throughout Mooresville and the surrounding Lake Norman area.



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