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Introduction to Water Services

Introduction to

Water Services

Explore Our Comprehensive Water Services

Dedicated to Providing Clean, Healthy Water

Since April 2021, Lake Norman WATERTREE has become the trusted provider of clean water in Mooresville, NC. Known for our emphasis on quality and customer service, we offer both in-store water refills and custom water delivery services to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether for home or business, our solutions are tailored to ensure you have access to the best in hydration.

Water Refill Station at Lake Norman WATERTREE

Bring Your Jugs for Top-Quality Refills

Bring Your Jugs for

Top-Quality Refills

Run out of water? No problem. Bring your water jugs to our Water Refill Station for quick and convenient refills. Our in-house filtered water undergoes a unique ceramic conversion process, removing pollutants and enhancing the water with essential antioxidants for better health. This proprietary process ensures that the water you drink from our refill station is not only pure but beneficial for your health.

Customized Water Delivery Services

Customized Water

Delivery Services

Fresh Water, Delivered Right

to Your Doorstep

Lake Norman WATERTREE offers a seamless water delivery service for both homes and businesses. All water is freshly bottled in our facility, ensuring you receive the highest quality with every drop. You can customize your delivery schedule to fit your specific needs, and our flexible service will adapt to your time constraints, making it easy to maintain a constant supply of fresh water.



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