“I love this water…it is the only water I drink. I even use it for my coffee!! I feel SO much better!!” – Pazanta Hicks Byars

“I absolutely love this store and the amazing products sold here. I bought a shower head that has completely my hair to silky shiny and easy to comb. The water has resolved my digestive issues and I feel great! highly recommend!!” – Lorna Moon

“Awesome customer service! I could tell a HUGE difference in the taste of the water! I will definitely purchase my water here instead of the grocery store.” – Alexandria Heaggans

“Great tasting – healthy water, and awesome customer service! I highly recommend Lake Norman Water Tree. Alkaline water IS life!”

“I am so happy I found The Water Tree! I was introduced to alkaline water years ago, and would buy alkaline water by the gallon from a grocery store. It has been a pain to constantly buy/store and have too many empty gallon jugs overflowing in our recycling bin. Typically most bottled alkaline water brands aren’t true alkaline water anyway. When I relocated to Mooresville, I had heard that the tap water was less than ideal, so I relegated myself to the old system of buying gallons over gallons of water to store in my pantry.

But then I found out a new water shop had opened in town and that served alkaline and hydrogen water.
Kim (the owner), her daughter and two granddaughters were so sweet and so helpful. It is a new business, but you can tell it is a family affair and a labor of love. We discussed the options of having alkaline water at home, and the one that worked best for us was buying an at-home system that would produce our own alkaline water. She even recommended a plumber to come out and help install it under our sink with a faucet on top for easy access . We are thrilled so have an unlimited alkaline water supply for drinking, cooking, making coffee, watering plants and for our pets. The best part is eliminating bi-weekly grocery store runs simply to purchase water. They even sell shower head attachments; because after all, the skin is our largest organ, and if your tap water isn’t safe for drinking, it’s also not ideal to bathe in.

Most of us are drinking dead water and don’t even know it. If you are curious, bring in a sample of your own drinking water from home and Kim can test it. Drinking live water is one of the most important pillars to overall health. If you want your family to have access to safe, live drinking water, while also supporting local business, I would highly recommend a visit to The Water Tree.”

Heather K., Woodland Hills, CA

“Your showerhead is amazing…worth every penny” – Pam Pardue

“This water is fantastic! I could tell a difference in the first day! Amazing customer service and easy to work with!” – Shane Carroll

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